I’m embarrased to be an internal auditor just because of my senior/supervisor!

7 05 2008

Like the title says, I’m feeling soo embarassed to be an “internal auditor” right now.. the work that I’m working at right now.

Internal audit is a very respectible job. You have soo many advantages of being an internal auditor (at least for me) – you get to know different operations/business activities/departments within a short period of time because you go and understand the policies, procedures, risks and controls and the operations of the department during your audit works.  You won’t get this experience if you work in a specific department.

People always say internal auditors / auditors are like “police”… all they do is trying to find people’s mistakes! But that’s not how I see it (not being defensive). I don’t go and try to find any mistakes! So what if there are no issues found during the audit? You don’t have to have any audit issues during any audit visit… it’s all about understanding the business operations, and try to give improvements that could be beneficial to the business.

But when you have a senior auditor who’s been in the field for more than 10 years working with you, that’s when the difficulty starts. For the start, he’s… how should I say it.. old school? We’ve previously attended an in-house training on ‘risk-based internal auditing’ and we’ve learned very good points there. But unfortunately, what have been learned was not applied by him.

I was quite surprised and pissed at the same time when he drafted the report. He took a internal auditing text book, read few lines, and took it to be in the report. Ok, that might be a good thing to do. But what he doesn’t realise is that the lines that he made did not make any sense! At least to me it didn’t! I tried to suggest something which is totally straight to the point and you know what he did? He said what i wrote down was the same thing what he wrote down.. and i was like… “exxxcccuuuussssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee me! That is definitely not the same!!!”

Tell me, does this sound the same to you:
Senior auditor’s words:
“The loan agreement may not be adequate and accurate for channelling communication between two parties.”

And this was my suggestion:
“Without having formal loan agreement, it could cause:
          – Difficulties in dealing with disputes, disagreements etc.
No formal reference for loan descriptions, tenure, interest agreements and maturities etc.”

So tell me, doesn’t it mean the same thing? For me, I don’t think so.. but for him, it does… There were alot more things that he wrote down that didn’t made any sense at all! And worse of all, he didn’t even listen to what I was saying! I was soo pissed! If the report didn’t have my name as the “preparer”, I wouldn’t mind! But my name is there as the prepare and him as the reviewer! It’s just embarassing!! Hopefully I can get a word with my boss after he reviews it! cause I’m still not happy with the report! F**k!

Sigh…… hopefully he can change his mindset and listen more to others… Change can be a good thing! Adapting new changes and ideas would be even better.




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