Surprise call

20 05 2008

Last night, I’ve got this surprise call by “someone”… surprise because I was scolded at… for 3+ mins all I could do was listen and not say a word. When I got the chance to talk, “someone” hung up……. what’s up with that?

And no, “someone” is not my gf or scandal or anything.. it’s a family member…




2 responses

20 05 2008

kesian jua eh.. hugs. jgn sedih. i know u will stil fel dat way.. but.. im here for u to forget abt dat. ignore tah saja. i love u. btw, y mesti scandal dbuat sana atu? mbari heran jua. heh

20 05 2008

thanks babe! 😀 love you!

scandal is because if people read this entry, manatau that’s what they think if i say “someone” hahahhaha jan pikir lain2 tah plg nah.. hehe

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