Change – I…

26 05 2008

Last weekend, I was going through my pictures from back in Uni life, reading quotes that I’ve written, having talks with the gf (and to myself when she’s asleep)…. that’s when I realise things have changed… ALOT.

My life during my Uni years was different. I was a loner. I’ve written alot of quotes to myself of how my life was, and how I want it to be… but it seems like I’ve forgotten all about this.. Have I become someone I might have hated if I was still in my Uni year.

It seems like I don’t know myself anymore… I’m lost! But WHY……. I need to search myself for answers… could this be because of work pressure? could this be because of the different environment? different lifestyle? different people? I really wish I have the answers, but I don’t…

I need to have a rest! I need a break from work! I need to relax somewhere out of the country… I just need sometime alone… with the gf… not doing our normal things… even my attitude towards her is different… I just need to get out of this hectic world and spend some quality time with her alone! Just the two of us!!




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