Role model?

9 06 2008

“People look up to you”… That’s what my collegue said to me. Surprise? You bet I am! But yet, still “someone” said to other people and even to the senior management that I don’t do any work… oh well, whatever makes “you” happy “someone”… not gone be down by “YOU” hahahahaha

What I am trying to say here? Well, nothing specific. Just wana share my experience. No matter where you are, what you do, either schooling, playing games, hobbies, working…. there will always be “SOMEONE”, your own “FRIEND”, who will talk bad about you, backstabbing you so hard that they wana make you fall down sooooo hard!! haha

But at the end of the day, they’ll and the people that they talk to, will eventually realise that what “THEY” say about you is not true! As long as you stay true to yourself, you’ll prove to them (not that you need to prove anything) that “THEY” are wrong!

And whether you realise it or not, you’ve probably become someone else’s “role model”… You don’t have to work hard and talk sh*t about others to get other people and management’s attention… “YOU” wana prove that you’re better than other people, by what, saying other people are BAD? That’s a “good” example you just displayed! hahahaha so sad lah “YOU”

My advise to “YOU”, GET A LIFE!! hahahaha don’t be too busy about other people! Get to know yourself better. Judge yourself first before judging others. Respect other people the same way you want people to respect you. Don’t talk sh*t about other people. If you’ve got a problem with someone, confront them. Be professional and GROW UP!!! hahaha

Oh well, life goes on…. anyways, have a good week ahead. be happy and be positive.

A quote that I’d like to use, taken from Mr Arab Family, “Give more, expect less” Good day people.




2 responses

10 12 2008
mIMiE aZim@sK ^V^

uhhu salam…
mau minta kebenaran utk mengambil gambar yg tertera diatas… kebetulan tgh citer citi pasal back stabber…. heheeh

10 12 2008
mIMiE aZiM@sK ^V^

thanks yaa… do visit miE blog yup.. 😀


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