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23 06 2008

I was suppose to post these quit sometimes ago, but I never got around it ahahhaha anyways, this post is meant for ZATY!!!:D pic taken at HSBC while menunggu giliran kan withdraw hehe

^Spot the error? Taken at Giant.

We pick up a new habit.. jogging/walking at Tasek Lama. I sooo wana go for rock climbing!! Ada experience udah sikit lah masa d UK… heck, I even have the rock climbing shoes!! Anyone know how I can join them?




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24 06 2008

byk2 bah post jubur. entah eh ia ani.delete tia kali blog ani.mcm nada pa2 jua. lol 😛 apa plg meant for me? heh.

1 07 2008

its meant for you because you wanted me to update! hahahaha

sakit ati jua eh kan suruh urg delete blog.. biar tia wah lambat update.. banyak kali ah kan d update… hehehe

29 05 2009
Another Climber..

Eyan if you wanna know how to join the rock climbing activity at Tasik Lama you should check out BARA fan page in facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Bandar-Seri-Begawan-Brunei/BARA-Brunei-Adventure-Recreation-Association/75720552887?ref=ts

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