1 07 2008

Picture taken at a restaurant in Serusop.

^Man… I sure don’t know how to pose!! hahaha

Zaty, I know you’re gona read this.. I’d like to say, I’m sorry for all the mistakes I’ve done all this time. I know I’ve made the same mistakes again and again. And I might have over-used the word “Sorry”… but please accept my appologies.

I know I’m not good at expressing myself, but I’d like to take this opportunity to try and express myself just for you! I love you! That’s for damn sure! Thank you for being there for me all the time… during my happy days, sad days, my first interview, when I got my first job, my first bike, my birthday, during my crazy stunting days, during my injuries during rollerblading and stunting… during me pengsan kesakitan.. you were always there for me! I really really appreciate that! I might not be able to show it to you, but believe in me… I really really LOVE YOU!!!

Things may not be the same as before… but I’ll make my every effort to make you feel loved, cherised, appreciated. For you, I will! I love you Zati Zakirah!




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18 07 2008
z.a.t.y Is

i know i took a long time to reply this.. but yea.. that feeling doesnt come tarus. I just wanna say im glad to read dis post but u know… things still feel different/odd although i act normal and biasa. YES.. I do forgive easily but the memories of those fucking things are difficult to erase. it hurts still. and im trauma. i dun trust u anymore with the “love” word. u say it like u play around with it.. like u inda serious. m trying to figure out from where/which aspect i can trust u. i know that there are still things that u hide from me in the past until now.. like.. entah ah.. u must lie abt dis or else i’ll get mad watsoeva. me inda tau lah ah but this is how i felt.

im tired of saying the same things over and over again.. but please.. please.. enuf. sudah tah. u prolly inda tau how i felt when u did those. but lemme tell u.. if nada hukum hakam di dunia ani.. lama sudah me bunuh u.. sampai inda beusul jua kali. u made me regret so many things. i dun want to make u feel guilty watsoeva but.. sebanyak2 benda yg me buat and me menyasal.. me menyasal buat things most of the time with you. anything related with you.. me menyasal. Im so sorry Shopian.

I’ll appreciate the effort if there is.. or will be.. or was. I appreciate it so much. Just bear in mind.. effort itself is useless when u keep on doing the same thing over and over again. those thing haunts me til now. sedih me Eyan.. sedih entah ah.

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