Lomo Action Sampler Flash

3 09 2008

I was away to KL from Monday (25/8/08) to Saturday (30/8/08). I was attending a 4 day training on “Skills for the new auditors-in-charge”. The course was great. I met and made new friends. The hotel food was great. The company was great too!! Overall, it was a good trip. But that’s not what I’m gona talk about (I’ll make another post for my KL trip). Ima talk about the new camera that I bought…

I just got myself a new Action Sampler Flash camera by Lomography. I bought this camera in Basheer Bookshop, BB Plaza, KL.

“Hit the button, hear the clack-clack-clack-clack, and wham! – you’ve got your very own macro-cine shot. One second has been neatly divided into four parts and lined up in impeccable order to give you one shaky piece of sampled action. Each individual unit fires perfectly in sync with each opening shutter.”

I’m already on my third roll of film (I’ve developed the first film and I’m getting the second roll later this afternoon). I’m especially excited to see this second roll, as I tried a DIY colored filter for the flash. We’ll see how it turns out.

I will post the pictures later tonight. For now, here’s a sample of pictures taken by this camera:

^Picture sourced from Google Image Search

If you find these pictures interesting, I strongly suggest you to google more about lomography, or click here to read more about it. Also, Brunei also has our own Lomography Society, Lomo Bru.

This is my first Lomo camera. It’s definitely not the last. I’m waiting for 3 other cameras, which should be arriving sometimes this week or next week. The earlier the better. I’ll keep you guys posted.

“don’t think, just shoot”



11 responses

4 10 2008

hey, awesome pictures you have there! i really wanna get my hands on the actionsampler! i just spoilt my supersampler, that thing is too fragile. hope the actionsampler can last longer. how much did u pay for it? i prefer not to buy online coz shipping charge is 50bucks!

really hope you’ll get back to me about the price. thanks for your time!


4 10 2008

I got mine from KL. If I recall correctly, I bought it for about RM230 from Basheer book shop at BB Plaza.

The nearest place is either Malaysia or Singapore. I doubt there’re any shops in Brunei that sells Lomo cameras. But you can check http://barangretroman.blogspot.com/. he’s a local seller. don’t know him personally though..

Just to clear things out, the pictures from this post are not pictures taken by me. They’re taken from google. But you can check out pictures from my actionsamplerflash here:



hope that helps.

5 10 2008

rm230? not bad.

i see that your actionsampler has coloursplash, which is very cool. hav u encountered any problem with your camera up to now? lomo is infamous for its lack of durability, and have been coined as an “overpriced chinese made plastic box” by some, which i have to agree to some extent.

just wanted to know so that my next lomo would last longer.

5 10 2008

i’ve got mine for about 2 months now. alhamdulillah have no problem with it so far. its built is abit big and bulky so its steady, except for the rewinding nechanism, which is really fragile (just like the supersampler).

5 10 2008

ic. anyways, selamat hari raya!

15 12 2008

OMG RM230. Are you sure?

15 12 2008

Because I bought cheepest one just 8 pound. Maybe mine is Made in China 😛

21 02 2009
London :)

Hey 🙂 emm . anyway, ive bought action sampler flash too . and i was so confused to be honest, to use it. see my blog for the pic ! i bought it @ indonesia. teeheee

10 03 2009

hi there. confused about the action sampler flash? which part? i find it quite straight forward to use. anything that i could help?

29 07 2009

heyy…do u know where in brunei can develope this film?like photosampler ani?
thanks !!^^ im planning to buy one..since im bored with my fed-2 camera hehe.

30 07 2009

do you mean films from the action sampler flash camera? actually, this camera uses the normal 35mm films and can be developed at almost any camera shops in brunei. the only difference is that, in 1 frame, der’re 4 pictures once u click the shutter. hope that helps

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