Pictures from my Lomo Action Sampler Flash

3 09 2008

As per my previous post, here are the selected pictures from my first 2 rolls of film using the Action Sampler Flash. All pictures taken directly from the film (no further editing was done).

Click here for the flickr set.

“Don’t think, just shoot”



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10 12 2008

I just got my first lomo action sampler and there seems to be some parts missing and the directions on the booklet were not helpful.

I have a missing “wind-on” there are supposed to be two (mentioned in the packet) but there is only the top one.

Also, I placed my film in, but it nothing grabbed the film, the camera just didn’t work.

May I know how you set yours up please and thankyou.

10 12 2008

hey, i don’t really get what you mean by missing “wind-on”. if you could post some picture, then probably that’d be more helpful.

When i got my actionsamplerflash, i could straightaway put the film and start taking picture. how i did it was, i lifted the film re-winding mechanism up (which is the part on the top left of the camera), put the film in, push the re-winding mechanism back down to lock the film. stretch the film to the other side, and start “winding” the film using the winding mechanism on the top right hand side below the shutter button.

if my explanation is not really clear, i can post a picture of what i meant later tonight. leme know if u need more help. cheers.

27 10 2010

lobsterbisque, try mods. I’m not sure if you can do much mods on action samplers, but there are lots of vids on youtube that give you hands-on demo on Lomo mods. Check them out first before you decide to return your action sampler or get a new one… =) I did some mods on my Diana F+, I accidentally snapped off the reel holder on receiving end. Hahaha.. but yeah, try mods.

27 10 2010

Eyan, kau develop films sendiri using Patersons or there’s actually a place where you can develop them in Brunei..?

Nice photos, btw. Especially the ones taken w/ action sampler. Haha.. Almost got one fer myself, but decided to get a Diana F+ instead.. =..=”

31 10 2010

which films? the actionsampler? if actionsampler, you can send to any camera shops.

tapi for the 120 films, only certain shops can develop the films

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