9 09 2008

Ever since my cuz stayed at my place, I can hardly get anytime alone with Zati. So, it was actually nice to go out just the two of us! We went out to Bismi Gadong last night to get some stationaries for Zati and I end up buying a few art supply hehe I have yet to try it though, probably later this weekend.

After Bismi,we went round2 ke Bandar. Stopped by the expo center at Bandar and just round2 to Yayasan. After that. We had a short visit to Coffee Bean at Bandar.


Love, I had a great time last night though selesma me na branti2.. We should do it more often… after you finish your exams hehehe go, Study study study! đŸ˜€ good luck with all your exams!

P/s: It’s in Brunei already!! YES! My lomo’s are here in Brunei! I can’t wait for it! Let’s see how long it’ll take them to process the whole thing! Hopefully I can get in the next few days…




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