Arrival of my lomos

12 09 2008




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20 07 2009

Wow, cool. Am thinking to get one those sooner. Where can I order these stuffs?

20 07 2009

i ordered mine from

you can also find it at

15 08 2011

hey just asking the is from wherE?? US o UK??

17 08 2011

I believe it’s from the US but they ship worldwide

29 08 2009

urm i was looking tru the web on buying lomo cam. it stated the fil is 120 something. if di hantar kedai cuci gmbr, dpt durg cuci kan tu? and the film for the diana F or holga can be found anywhere or mesti be order lgi? just asking btw. hehe

31 08 2009

yes, you can get the 120 films scanned here in brunei. the shops:
1. guan chuan (most branches like bsb, batu satu etc)
2. there’s an old camera/film developer shop in batu satu (opposite first emporium, can’t remember the name of the shop. it has a yellow signboard)
3. Rose photo studio, tutong
4. nanyang (seria/kb)

you can try asking the shop if they do develop 120 films (or sometimes referred to as “medium format” films). i don’t normally print my pictures, i just ask the shop to scan and burn to cd/dvd. for shops no 1&2 above, they charged me $10 per cd/roll (this was in 2008, duno if they changed the rate already). for rose photo, $5 to transfer to cd. nanyang i duno, coz inda pernah dsana..

film for diana/holga is the 120 film. it’ll be very hard to find 120 films in brunei. better to order saja if u get the chance. do check out Brunei’s own lomography group at (if you haven’t already done so) and tanya2 saja lagi dsana.. they can help you more.

thanks for dropping by.

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