Lomography ActionSamplerFlash

23 09 2008

More pictures from my ActionSamplerFlash camera.





More pictures available at my Flickr.

Don’t think. Just shoot.



2 responses

2 10 2008

Hello, I’ve been meaning to buy a lomo camera for myself…May i know how did u get it to do different color in each frame? =) thanks.

4 10 2008

as far as I know, there’s 2 ways u can get colors. 1 is using a colored lens filter/gel that u attach to the front of the lens. But this is only available for certain cameras, for example the holga – there’s an filter attachment sold separately. But unfortunately, there’s no attachment available for the actionsamplerflash.

The second way, like I’ve done is using a colored gel and attach it to the flash. There’re specific gels made for this,but u could always find cheaper alternatives using DIY stuff. What I’ve done is use those colored jelly-like numberings or figures which u can stick onto refridgerators or windows. Ive got mine from our local $1.80 shop. U can find d picture of the jelly-like numberings in my previous actionsamplerflash posts and/or my flickr. Just measure ur flash,cut the gel n stick it onto ur flash. Hope that helps

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