Holga – first roll

3 10 2008

Here are the pictures from my first roll on my Holga 120CFN. Film used is a Kodak EktaColor Pro 160 that was expired on 05/2006.

^This was my first shot I took. Too excited to shoot something, antam sja lah hehe







Besides my Diana F+, this is my second medium format camera. I’m still having trouble to get the right exposure and focus from these cameras! I’ll try to improve on my next rolls.




6 responses

12 12 2008
sha elektra

hey how did you get the effect for the last gambar?
i’m a beginner in holga as well!
and i’m taking my holga 120CFN out this saturday.
so it’d be helpful if you’d email me crankyshooter@hotmail.com πŸ™‚
she here btw and thank you in advance!

12 12 2008

Sha elektra

I’ve sent an email explaining how i did it. pretty easy actually. use 2 different flash colour while doing the double exposure.

31 12 2008

these pictures are really trippy. totally loving the multiple exposures πŸ˜€

i was just wondering where you get your film developed? i’ve been looking around for about a week now and found that:
1 – most shops said they don’t develop 120 film
2 – those that do are asking for a ridiculously grand amount per frame

5 01 2009

hey, thanks for dropping by and the compliment.

as for your questions:
I develop my films at Rose Photo Studio in Tutong. I don’t print my pictures, I just ask them to burn it to CD. Developing + transferring to CD cost me $5.

Other shops that I know that can develop 120 films are:
1. Guan Chuan (branches at Wisma Yakin [if im not mistaken. its the building near HSBC bandar, one row with Pusat Ehsan’s shop], batu satu, kiulap, and a few others i can’t recall right now). Price of developing and transferring to CD is $10 if im not mistaken.

2. If your in KB, there’s Nanyang if im not mistaken.

3. There’s this shop in Batu Satu, I forgot the name of the shop, but it has a yellow/orange sign on its shop. cost of developing and transferring to cd is $10.

So far, the cheapest is Rose Photo in Tutong. But if you have a 120 film scanner, you can just develop the film for $3 and scan it yourself.

Wait, you are from Brunei right?

6 01 2009

haha, yes, i’m from Brunei πŸ˜€

hmmm, i have been to the shop in batu satu, but when i asked how much it was to develop 120 film, they told me that they didn’t develop it…which was weird because so many people have said that they develop their 120 film there….so i may go again and just…hand them my film, haha..

but thanks for the other spots. i highly appreciate it!

7 01 2009

no problemo. just give it a try lagi. if not, you could always send it to the other shops. guan chuan has a branch near there as well…

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