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14 11 2008

Would like to say Happy 30th Anniversary baby! Definitely happy with you all this time 😀













2 responses

14 11 2008
z.a.t.y. Is

sorry me salah buat 7months ah. im not gonna blame anything else.. but ermm.. me double kira sudah dimalam.. bkn lagi double.. mcm talor jua masih. entah pasal pressure hun ada cring m atu jua while me post.eheh. nwys, i love u baby.. eternally. Jgn buat anything bad lagi. heh. I just can’t accept that anymore.. seriously. I have enough guts to revenge nowadays.

talk about our anniversary.. yeay.. 4months to 3 years. damn. It gets harder to remember ani anniversary kbrapa ne.. then I have to calculate from the beginnning again and again. lol. I have so many wishes that mudahan Allah kabulkan.. I wish that life could be abit simpler and easier for us. sigh.

Zati Zakirah

14 11 2008
z.a.t.y. Is

hahaha..entah knapa me pkir kan “10” atu ah. awu 6mths lagi.. ani me kira bnr2 sdh ne. estimation. hehe. sorry salah lagi.. mcm talor jua rasa nya me ani. lol. nda lagi pandai kan mengira kali jua

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