2009 so far

16 01 2009

So what’s been happening for me in 2009?

I’ve tried making time for me to exercise since I’ve been getting words from people that I’m becoming “fat”, so that kinda bothers me abit hehe nadalah, I just need to do some sort of exercise, which is mostly rollerblade and badminton. I haven’t been rollerblading for a weeks now, mostly due to the weather here in Brunei, but I’ve been playing badminton twice a week, which has been good.

Other than that, I’ve still got a few more things to finish. I still owe Awi his photoshoot (insyaAllah soon Wi), Cefu’s segment to be finalised, King of Handrail comp video (I just got B’s tape last night, so I’ll work on that soon), and also, Najib’s wedding video (which I haven’t started! I should be doing that later!). I’ve got another video that I need to upload and burn to CD (my cousin’s futsal tournament video). OMG! That requires alot of work! We (as in rollerbladers and skateboarders) are in the process of videoshoot for an upcoming video (which I’ll talk about more next time).

I’ve also got works coming in at the workplace, which I’ve been neglecting for this past few days hahaha more like procrastinating *spelling* That’s 1 thing that I really need to improve for myself this year coz in 2008, I was a pro procrastinator!! But I finish my works lah hehe

We’re also planning to go to KK (again!) this coming long weekend holiday, the Chinese new year which is next week (24-26 Jan). We need to get somethings there, so it’ll be a very short visit only. What else?

February 4th would be Zati’s birthday, and I haven’t planned anything yet. Running out of ideas actually. :s Oh yea, Happy Belated 32nd month anniversary baby! I had fun with you on the 14th, though we didn’t do alot. Thank you for being there for me! I love you baby!

I’ve got a photoshoot session for Amway sometimes next month (8/2/09). Actually, Zati’s dad asked me to do this and I just volunteered for it hehe That’ll be something look forward to.

I think that’s pretty much about it. I really need to get organised. I need to allocate enough time for everything and everyone, especially my loved ones! I don’t wana be a disappointment to anybody, or be a failure. Nauzubillah.

I would like to take this opportunity to greet those who are celebrating their birthdays in January:

Hjh Saniah (1st Jan)
Amir (2nd Jan)
Zolrimi (6th Jan)



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