Busy busy busy

12 02 2009

Man… I’ve been really tired this past few weeks. There’ve been alot of things going on and I can’t update much on all of my blogs. I seriously need to get a new PC soon coz kesian my MacBook, it’s been a heavy burden to it…

There’ll be a Funfair this coming Sunday to be held at the Nursing Parking lot in Gadong. It is organised by Business School in conjunction with their 4th Anniversary. InsyaAllah I’ll be going there with Zati. Come one, come all. There’ll be lots of activities going on. I’ll also be going to ICC to check out the RC drift competition and the other shows one of this day.

Oh yea, there’ll be another videoshoot probably later tonight at RPS, but that’s to be confirmed lagi lah. And David wants to take videos of my bike during sunset. And, I still owe Awi his bike photoshoot. But I’ve already told him that I’ll be doing that after we’re done with the Adrenaline videoshoot. Ohh… too many things to do, so little time to do it…




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