Canon 5D MkII Short Film

21 02 2009

I got to try my brother’s new 5D MkII a couple of nights ago. I was just messing around, getting test shots with my gf, without having anything set in mind. It was just a random shoot, without having any additional lights or set up done. You can even see soo many distracting things on the table and around, like I said, no prior set ups were done.

I did the post in FCP, but it was just simple cuts and re-arranging the clips. No color correction was done. Clip you see is actually straight from the camera, with WB adjusted to about 3200-3400 to make the scene cooler.

Canon 5D MkII with 16-35mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8.

Tell me what you guys think. Thanks.




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16 03 2009

The first few bits of the videos, the straight cut transitions are kind of too harsh to go well with the audio. But I like what you did with the transition at 01:20. I like all the panning part, it’s effective. I like the part where you focused on what’s on the laptop’s screen as well.

I really like the bokeh! I wish I had a video camera which can shoot like those. By the way, ada orang kah at 00:49 behind her? Hehehe.

18 03 2009

Thanks for the comments. I really liked playing with the camera, the bokeh, the focusing part… it’s a really cool camera! And the fact that you can use many lenses gives it an extra advantage!

The only available way that I know of to pull this kind of effect (bokeh) from an actual video camera is to use a 35mm film adapter such as the “Letus” attached to the camera.

And yes, my cousin was behind her during some parts of the shoot.

I wana try and do another edit once I get the chance to borrow the camera again hehehe

18 03 2009
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20 03 2009

Yw. I looked up for Letus and it’s great! Thanks.

When you do another filming, do something at various locations. And make it a short film, really. That’d be more fun to watch. Looking forward for your next video.

21 10 2011
Filda Konec

Nice, but I would probably go with 24fps to make it look little more like movie instead of TV broadcast. But it depends what you were trying to achieve. Cheers from Florida!

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