Selfish me?

27 02 2009

People say we’re selfish, but how true is that? May be in other people’s eyes, we are selfish. But you people are soo WRONG!!

Whatever we do, we take all responsibilities and accountabilities from our actions. I know it seems like I’ve been “neglecting” my family, BUT I do love them! Maybe it’s not much. Most of all, aku inda mau menyusahkan my family.

May be it’s true we look “well off” and “sanang” di mata urang, but, you people don’t know SHIT about us!! Susah payah kami nada urang tau! You know why? Because we keep it to ourselves! Kami inda mau menyusahkan urang! Like I said, tau buat, tau tanggung! Be responsible for your own actions!

May be inda nampak from my actions, BUT, Inda ku pernah kan bekata. Selagi mampu, selagi atu ku tolong! Tapi mun inda dapat, cana tah jua, basar pun hati… kesian ku kan family ku ani, batah lagi ku sama durang, tau jua ku lagi asal usul ku…

You people out there may think you know everything, but take a look at you people’s actions and its consequences before talking about other people!

Whatever I say here, if you have a problem with it, talk it to ME DIRECTLY AND ONLY ME!! It’s got nothing to do with any other people and/or influenced by any other people! Its me all along!




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