What’s been happening

9 03 2009

So, what’s new? We’re moving to a new appartment in Rimba. We’re given until 15th March to move all of our stuff from my place in Kiulap. We’ve moved almost all of our stuff already, except for the big ones like sofa, freezer, washing, machine etc. Waiting for the (provided) movers to pick it up and send it.

Woraapaj Boonim (aka Note) has been in Brunei since last Monday, but I’ve only met him twice. Didn’t have the time to skate with him cause quite busy with moving the stuffs and its really tiring you know. Went out with him on Saturday for photoshoot then yesterday to KB for the skate clinic but it was cancelled due to rain. We did skate in the rain though yesterday and I’ve got to say, it felt good to skate again after what, 1 month + of not skating?

I’ve still got lots of videos pending to be uploaded and edited. Good thing is that all of these videos are done at my own will and not hired/paid by clients. They’d be really pissed with me hahaha

I’m also suppose to go bike riding later with Awi but still not sure though. I wouldn’t mind going but we’ll see later. I’m lazy to type anymore so I’ll just leave it here. Til next time.




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