15 04 2009

I’m in soo much pain right now… i’ve been playing badminton for the past few weeks preparing myself for the BIA tournament. I played mixed double on the first night of the tournament on Monday, and we won rubber set 2-1. Last night, I was playing mixed double as well, but lost 2-1 rubber set. Tonight will be the final and deciding night of the tournament, and I don’t think I can play with the current injury I’m experiencing right now…. I do hope there’ll be substitute for my place… I seriously need to take break from badminton.




2 responses

15 04 2009

u played like shittttt. hahahaha. patahkan tia racket atu buang and retired tah awal. nada jua manangggggg!! boooo. hahahha.

anyway, congrats Yen Team for getting the 2nd place.

19 04 2009

That’s was her using my account who commented… But yea,we lost our final game 2-1 rubber set. But for the overall tournament, my team got 2nd place. Congratulations to everyone! We shall meet at the next game: football and bowling in May.

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