Nikah Ceremony

15 06 2009

Here’re the unofficial pictures of our nikah ceremony taken by my brother.

Leaving the house going to Zati’s place.
nikah 9

Arriving at her place. Started everything off with the doa.
nikah 1

The moment of truth. Her grandfather was the one yang menikahkan kami. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly, except when panic attacked and I forgot the rukun of nikah when asked by her grandfather. That was kinda embarassing.
nikah 2

This was me reading the Ta’liq. I kinda screwed up towards the end by saying “talak” instead of “ta’liq”. I think it was the nerves again. And seen here also was the signing by the 2 witnesses, myself and the jurunikah.
nikah 3

nikah 4

nikah 5

nikah 6

With the family.
nikah 7

With the in-laws and their families.
nikah 8

Next up would be Zati’s malam berbadak and followed by our bersanding ceremony.




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