Cinematic look

23 06 2009

I’m currently learning/working on color correcting pictures/videos and this is one of the look I came up with.

appartment house

I also tried to get certain looks direct from camera using custom WB and this is one of the pictures that I like. 500D+50mm f/1.8.





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25 06 2009

Hi Eyan..

Nice shots..
Where in brunei did you bought your 500D?
How much is it with 18-200mm kit lens..
I live in Tutong..

26 06 2009

Hey, nice of you to drop by my blog. Thanks for the compliments.

There’re a few places in Brunei where you can find the 500D.Places such as Hua Ho Yayasan, Guan Chuan Wisma branch (near HSBC Bandar), Inter-house (Canon authorised distributors). But most of these places sell the 500D with the kit 18-55 lens. It’s selling for about $1450++ if im not mistaken.

As for my camera, I bought mine from Rose Photo Studio (in TUTONG! :D). I made a deal with him to get the 500D+18-200mm for a package price of $2250. I’m sure you can work something out with him if you wana get the 500D+18-200mm as package.

Hope I was of help, but if you need anything else, just leme know.

26 06 2009

Thanks bro..
Actually my apartment is stone throw away from Rose Studio.. I visited their shop one time (about 1st wk of may) unfortunately they dont have 500D in stock..

Anyway thanks again for the help.. I’ll gonna check it out tonight..
Hopefuly i could get a good deal..

Best regards..

3 07 2009

So any luck with the camera? hehe

i went there last week and saw one 500D in their stock.

24 07 2009

hi eyan! where’d you buy 120films for diana f+ atu? coz i just bought mine =))) oh congrats for the wedding!

24 07 2009

hi eyan! where’d you buy 120 films for diana f+ atu? coz i just bought mine =)) oh. congrats for the wedding! a tad too late no? haha

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