26 06 2009

Could these pictures be an ad for Adidas shoes? What do you guys think?

strobist - eyan adidas ad

strobist - zati adidas ad




5 responses

26 06 2009

If the guy in the 1st picture was not wearing the girl in the 2nd pictures fingernail polish, I believe he would stand a good chance.


2 07 2009

just for your information, the fingernail polish that you see is a malay tradition called “inai” used for newly weds. both the guy and the girl in the pictures are newly wed and did this shot together.

But i do appreciate your comments and thank you for dropping by my blog. 😀

you’ve got very interesting pictures. where are you from? hope to get in touch with you. cheers.

eyan (btw, i am the guy in the first picture that you see here).

27 06 2009

yea i think its cool but the “pacar” standsout more than the shoe.. but love them gold adidas flats!!!

3 07 2009

Hi Eyan,

I just bought my 500D Canon last night at Rose Photo Studio..
Im very grateful for your help.. I got a pretty good deal, 18-200mm kit for B$2,050..

Now i got the camera, could you please recommend places of interest here in brunie where i can its test the limits..

Again thanks..

3 07 2009

Congratulations on your purchase and yes, you’ve got a better deal then I got (I was the first customer that bought the first 500D from their shop, so it’s kinda expected lah hehe)

Anyways, for places of interests in Brunei, I can’t really recommend you coz it all depends on what you wana do with the camera. But just for sharing, if around Tutong, there’s always the beach (Penanjong, Sri Kenangan, Danau etc) where you can catch the beautiful sunset. You can also catch the paragliders and ATV’s in Sri Kenangan during weekends, and not to mention the regular groups of cars and bikes as well.

Then you can go to BSB where you’ll find alot of places that are lit beautifuly with colorful neons lights (July is the festival for HM’s birthday, so its a good time to shoot and try long exposures etc).

That’s just a few places that I can think of right now lah, but I’m sure you can find almost anything that are interesting to shoot at. Just let your creativity flow! 😉 have fun with the camera, and don’t forget to try out the HD video capibility as well! just make sure you have a tripod with you for steady video.

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