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29 07 2009

Man, it’s been a month since my last update. I should be paying more attention to this blog. Anyways, let’s see what’s been happening this past month.

First up, there was the 3rd installment of the Brunei Rollerblading Street competition 2009 held on the last 15 July. It was planned to start at the stadium, 2nd round at Badiah and final spot at Pizzahut. But it rained when we went to Badiah. The organiser (RPS Enterprise) had to come up with a new plan. It was decided that the first spot was the curly box, the long rail as 2nd spot and a combination of curly box, long rail and short box as a run-style best trick comp. There were 35 skaters in total that joined the competition ranging from the veterans to the newbies. 12 skaters made it to the 2nd round and only 6 to the finals.

The finalist included Ating, Muiz and the 4 RPS team riders (Samsul, Cefu, Koo and Eyan[myself]). In the end, I was announced as the winner of the competition and getting the all expenses paid trip to Singapore and a chance to represent Brunei in the upcoming Singapore East Cost Skatepark challange oragnised by ESPN (if I’m not mistaken). I didn’t expected to win but I was definitely thrilled!! Click here to read the full story that was covered by The Brunei Times.

Here’s a short video of the comp done by Bahrom of RPS

InsyaAllah we (Bahrom, Samsul, my wife and myself) will be going to Singapore August 28-30. Hopefully I can get permission from the office to go out of the country. It’s been hard to go out due to the outbreak of the H1N1 cases. Click here to get more reports from the event.

It was a long weekend for us since it was a holiday in conjunction with Isra’ Mi’raj yesterday (Monday 21/7/09). We (my cousins, bro-in-laws and myself) joined a futsal tournament early Sunday morning. We won 1 and lost 3 games out of the 5 teams group. But it was fun though since that was the first time we all actually played together hehehe may be we’ll be more organised in the future (if we decided to join another competition that is hehe)

And we also watched Harry Potter and the half blood prince. I’m not a big fan of Harry Potter but my wife, her brothers and my cousin really wanted to watch the movie. And so we went and the movie was…… I feel asleep a couple of times. It’s not that the movie was bad, I wasn’t just interested that much hehe

spring 1

The last couple of weeks, it was, what we called, spring season at our place. There were flowers everywhere and it was really beautiful. My wife kept saying that she felt like she was in Korea hahaha

spring 2

But spring ended only for a week or so. It was already autumn the next week with flowers all over the place.

dead spring 1

And now, there’re only leaves on the trees. It looks just like any ordinary tree la. I heard from the news that from February to May, the flowers start to grow and from June to September, the flowers are everywhere (on trees and on ground). I learn that the trees are imported from the Mexico and can be found in a number of places throughout Brunei. Interesting facts. 🙂

dead spring 2

I’m still working on my video edit for the Digital Video Battle. The last date of submission is on the 31 July 2009.

my editing suite

Hopefully I can finish it on time. I’m like 80-90% done with the video, but I’m still not quite happy with it. It’s like something is still missing. And my computer is getting slower and slower. I miss editing with Final Cut.

July is normally the festive season of the year for Brunei as we are celebrating His Majesty Sultan’s birthday. Colorful lights are set up and displayed everywhere, most noticeably in the BSB area. The only difference this year is that all performances are postponed due to the H1N1. But the nightly stalls are still up. I haven’t go to the stalls yet. Only went to bandar a couple of nights before the stall started operation.

I thought this would be a nice time and opportunity to pull off that Dustin Diaz looks.

Strobist: At BSB colorful lights



Camera set up:
500D + 50mm, f/1.8, ISO100, 1/40

Strobist info:
Nikon sb600 at 1/8, zoomed in about 85mm, camera left, on shoot thru umbrella about 2 feet away from subject.

I guess that’s pretty much it. Life as a husband and wife is really great! Waking up next to your lovely wife, breakfast/lunch/dinner prepared by wife, laundry done by wife… it’s all good! I love my wife! She rocks! Can’t wait for 1 new addition to the family! 😉




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30 07 2009
z.a.t.y Is

1 new addition ah? lain sudah me pikir. lupa me. hahahahaha.

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