DIY Viewfinder for D-SLR

8 11 2009

After going through alot of DIY pictures and forums, I’ve finally managed to finish one of my (many) DIY works for my 500D: DIY magnified viewfinder.

DIY Viewfinder side view

Based on the design from here, I gathered the required materials needed: magnifying glass, a small square container, a couple of 2inch pvc pipes, matte black spray paint and hot glue.

I didn’t take a step-by-step pictures but here you can see the first prototype I did. Note the eyepiece from my DVX100.

DIY Viewfinder prototype

And here’s another picture from another angle.

DIY Viewfinder back view




4 responses

9 11 2009

so whats the purpose of this? lol.

9 11 2009

like in yeah its a magnifiede view finder. but whats the purpose of having one since the current one is big anough already? unless ure making the view finder to act as a projector lol. wait maybe i should check the link lol hahhaha

9 11 2009

Useful for manual focus wen in video mode. Will be using it mostly for video. Get it?hahaha

15 11 2009

owh ok. lol. so it does have a function lol. But cant u just let the camera to focus automatically and then set to manual? lol.

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