My DSLR rig

14 04 2010

It is said that video with bad audio can kill an otherwise good story. If you have bad audio, you’re more likely than not to stop watching the video.

In weddings, speech, words, laughters and cries are all too honest and sincere. Of course you can hear all these in everday life, but it’s different in wedding environments. And when using DSLR in weddings, audio is a major issue.

With that in mind, I have set up a rig that allows me to use my DSLR and record clean audio at the same time using my Zoom H4n. Here’s a quick picture I took last night.

This rig can easily be mounted on tripods, glidecam or my shoulder mount. But I’m thinking of modifying it to make it into a handheld rig. I will post update as / when / if I get around it.

Here’re a few more pictures showing my rig on my tripod, glidecam and shoulder mount.




6 responses

15 03 2011

hey, this is great, exactly what i am looking to do with my gh1. did you make it yourself? have any advice for a not-so-handy craftsman? feel free to shoot an email

15 03 2011

Hi Charlie. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, i rig this up myself, but most of the materials are those that i have lying around.

For the base plate, i used my glidecam’s metal plate. Use a suitable size screw to mount the camera and the small ball-head for the audio.

As for advice: not much, but do spend some time around your local hardware store, you never what you can find and use. That’s how i started as well

11 08 2011
Dean D

which glidecam do you use? going to use a similar setup

12 08 2011

Hi Dean,

I’m using the 4000 pro series. Leme know if you need any more help. Thanks.

30 09 2011

how did you connect the zoom to the glidecam plate?

17 10 2011

Hi Nathannguyenle. I used a small Accessory Shoe Swivel Mount to connect the Zoom to the base plate.

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