Importance, thoughts and values of wedding videos

22 05 2010

It’s been said that a picture speaks a thousand words. It captures the moment in time that’s very important to you. I guess that’s why brides and grooms are willing to pay thousands of dollars for their wedding days. But I wonder why when it comes to videos, some couples might not even consider or bother to get videos for their wedding day?

You might wonder why I’m bringing this topic up? Well, last week, I was reading up on my facebook wall when I came across someone who’s looking for wedding photography services. So I sent an inbox message to that person offering our wedding videography services. The person responded that they’re considering photography only but will discuss it with the significant other about the video. So I replied to her:

Yes, we only offer video. Talk to him and get back to me whether it’s a yes or no.

But may I just say that sayang if nada video on your wedding day. True you can see and look back to pictures, but that’s only a fraction of a second in time, whereas for videos, you get to see and relive those memorable moments over and over again, with voices, words, laughters and tears that only happen during your wedding day.

That’s how I personally feel about it. Yes, you can see your glorious photo album over the years and reminisce those moments in your head and imagination. But that’s it. With videos, you get to see, hear and relive the moments. Would you rather see 1/60th of second “moment” or a 10-15 seconds of the same “moment”? Would you rather see 1/60th second of your smile and laughter or see a 10-20 seconds worth of smiles and laughters during your wedding? Would you want to see, say around 30-50 guests on your photos, or 100 or more faces of guests on videos?

It’s interesting to see what people think on this. What importance do you give to video as oppose to photos for your wedding day? How do you value the videos over photos? Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against photographers and photos. In fact, I love photography as much as videography. It’s just interesting to me to see and hear what people’s thoughts are on these. So please do share. 🙂




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