Feature posts

12 10 2010

I’ll be adding 2 new “feature” posts to my blog. The first one deals with photography and cinematography. Anything and everything related to it, from technical to business side of things, will be posted on every Monday, every week. The articles I will be posting will be from the internet, so you might have seen it, our you might have not. I’d like to share it to everyone who has not read/stumble upon it, and it’ll serve as a reference for myself as well in the future. I have already started a few posts before today’s post.

The second one will deal with general life lessons. The articles I will be posting will be from emails, internets, books or whatever sources I found them from. InsyaAllah I will post the articles here once every Thursday of the week, for as long as I have articles to post. (I’m really thankful to a collegue/friend of mine, who always shares very good emails to me. So instead of forwarding the email to everyone, I plan to post it here to my blog for everyone and anyone to read. Very good life lessons.




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