Family outing

7 05 2012


Yesterday marked the inaugural National Family Day here in Brunei, with lots of activities organised throughout the 4 districts. Though we did not join in any of the activities, we did go out to celebrate the Family Day in our own way. Family photoshoot.


My wife and I had been planning to go out and do a family photoshoot for sometime now. We had one done when Qisya was almost 1 year old back a couple of years ago. But now there’re 4 of us with the addition of Rayyan, so we needed to do a ‘proper’ photoshoot.


We didn’t want to go to a studio for the shoot. So we decided to go for a street photography outing. Cipin from Lighthill Studio was our photogrpaher, and he brought along some his friends too. And we had our lomo cameras as well, as we wanted the shoot to be themed around lomography.


We haven’t developed our films yet. These are the ones Cipil took and edited. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Will post the pictures in the future. For now, enjoy the rest of the pictures.





The National Family Day will be celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year.




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