Name is Eyan, but also known as SURKREW. I’m from Bukit Beruang, Tutong, but currently residing at Rimba. This is my personal blog, which contains anything that I do on a normal basis.

Things that matter to me in life are: ZATI! and our baby girl QISYA, my family and Zaty’s family, my rollerblade, my bikes, my car, my cameras (Canon 500D, Sony T7 and lomo cameras), my videos (Panasonic DVX100a and an old Sony videocam), and my work.

I’m not good at expressing myself, so its better for me to end it here.

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9 03 2009

hey, just wanna asked is there any shops selling lomo’s film in brunei?

10 03 2009

by lomo film, which film are you referring to exactly? medium (120) films? or lomo brand films?

if lomo brand films, i don’t think there’re any shops that sells them. but if you’re looking for medium (120) films, then you could check out this shop in Batu Satu, but I can’t recall the name of the shop though.

4 05 2009

Samekom yan..hw r u?ku ur fwenz frm bt bruang..hehe..cmuiz(ngat kh)btw ku kn tnya..mna kn cri roller yg bru ah?coz cuzzn ku kn cri..juz emel ku rh muez_wawwa@yahoo.com..k..

4 05 2009

check your mail muiz…

23 10 2009

can i ask where to buy those blades in brunei? do u know where to buy speed and stunt blades?

8 11 2009

sorry for the late reply. been really hectic.

as for stunt blades, you can get them from RockPaperScissors in the 2nd floor of The Mall and also in Lust SkateStore in Telanai. Click here to find out the address http://www.surkrew.com/2009/09/lust-ss-address.html

23 10 2009

Great photos!!!

8 11 2009

Thanks Andy

21 12 2009

where to buy this rollerblades. this for the beginners only. tq.

21 12 2009

You can go to Lust Skate Store at Telanai. Full address and map to the shop can be found at my main rollerblading blog

Or you could go to RockPaperScissors (RPS) shop, 2nd Floor, The Mall.

19 02 2010
Adam Groves

Hello, things that matters such as ME? hahahahaha Sounds gay but f**k it. We’re on the same team in business!

5 04 2011

Hi, may I know if Brunei has BMX scene? If they do, where usually they ride?

20 12 2011
Google rocks

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