July 2008

Brunei Yamaha Cub Prix 2008 Round 2


Bikes. It’s one of the things that I have/do. But I’m not as active as most bikers are though hehe

Currently, I own 4 bikes!
– 50cc minimoto / midimoto
– 110cc minimoto / midimoto
– Kawasaki ZX-10R (2006 model)
– Yamaha Spark 135RR

My 50cc minimoto
I bought the 50cc minimoto when I was still studying in Sheffield, UK. Can you believe, I brought a minimoto back to Brunei! hahahaha But batah udah ku inda start that bike because.. well, boring lah.. it sounds almost exactly like a mesin potong rumput.. hahaha But still, this was the first bike that I use to learn wheelie before I got the 110cc minimoto.

My 110cc minimoto
The 110cc minimoto was the bike I use almost everyday prior to getting work in 2006. I did wheelies and stoppies on this bike dulu.. but unfortunately, I over-shoot a wheelie and broke the automatic start. Since then, batah tia udah inda bestart this bike. I tried to start it last weekend (28-6-08 to 29-6-08), but inda dapat.. boring eh… kalau dpt, ada jua bike kan d main2.. ahhahaha

This video was taken I think in 2006 masa ku ikut lumba d Tutong. I didn’t win simply because my bike wasn’t modified at all! hahaha but ikut just for the fun of it!

My Yamaha Spark 135RR

I bought this bike in Mar/April 2007. I rarely use this bike for jalan-jalan. The current (30th June 2008) milage on this bike is only 4100++ km.

I use this bike mostly for race only! Since 2007, Yamaha Brunei organised an annual bike race for kapcais/rempit/these small bikes and scooters. I joined last year, and I’ll be joining again this year (2008).

My Kawasaki ZX-10R

^All of the above pictures are taken from my Bikepics member page.

I bought this bike in April 2006. I use to ride with my friends quite alot of times. I even did some stunts on this bike, mostly doing stoppies and sometimes wheelie. But ever since I fell when I over-shoot my stoppie, jarang tia lagi riding.. kira jara lah! hahahaha If I’m not mistaken, the milage as of now (30th June 2008) is about 10000++ km.


14 responses

19 07 2008

Lawa jua ur spark hahhaa…
Ada urg jual ka ? Yg second hand…
8921717 lol.

20 07 2008

thanks dude. Duno about siapa Ada jual ah,sorry about that.. Good luck finding the second hand spark

16 08 2008

patutnya ko post banyak g bike 10r mu ah btw aku iklan tarus bike ku jual 13k bleh runding g.

17 08 2008

aku alum buat photo shoot utk 10r ku wh,iatah inda bnyk gmbr hehehe

23 08 2008

Cool bikes man, hope i can meet more local bike bloggers here. I’m a newbie at riding but that doesn’t stop me from buying the 2008 R6. You can check out my bike in my site i.e. click my link.

4 09 2008
Nazri TNB

Makkk aiii… pian.. hebat kau ye…bebat sungguh … kalau aku tahu kau ni kaki rempitt.. mau ku ajak kau merempit kat tengah KL Nie.. hehehe… mana tahu boleh tengok MALAYSIA BRUNEI MENJERIT .. hehehe… menjerit kat LOKAP IPD KL.. hehehee.. anyway … bagus jugak dapat kawan kaki race nie.. jiwa dia lain skit.. jiwa merdeka la katakan.. hehehe

4 09 2008

hahahaha Nazri, i did say i race bikes right? and i did say i have rempit correcT? oh well, maybe next time. what bike do you have?

3 08 2009

Askum bro..nice site..kan tnya u since u ada yamaha ah..aku bminat kn makai moto skuter atomatik yamaha nuovo atau ego?ada jual kh dbrunei tu?lau ada,dmana dealernya dbrunei ah?f possible hrganya trus x?

3 08 2009

Wasalam. thanks for the compliments.

There’s 1 authorised yamaha dealer/distributor in Brunei, that’s BM Supply. It’s located at Jangsak near the traffic light (next to Volkswagen dealer/agent).

As for the price, I’m sorry but I”m not really sure of the price. I suggest you to go to BM Supply or give em a call at 2656222


21 10 2011
sehiful rizal dn

eyan ko kah tu,ko jual kah bike ku tu,aku sipol kwn gng moto damit ahaha org bukit beruang..

21 10 2011

Hi Pol. Apa abar nya? Aku jual bike 10R ku. Napa? Mau bali?

17 01 2012

berapa ko mau jual 10r tu bro?

17 01 2012

Will reply to your email

7 11 2013

looking for someone who is really good in motorbike wiring system urgent assistant needed.

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