Selamat Hari Raya

10 08 2013

Was gona post a different picture from this year’s Aidilfitri, but couldn’t get the pictures taken in time. Looked up from previous photos and realised that this photo was never posted before. Taken in 2010.

Selamat Hari Raya

But anyways, would like to say Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all friends and families, and all muslims throughout. May you have a joyful celebration, be safe on the roads. Maaf Zahir & batin.


How online photos reveal more than you know

8 11 2010


Robert Vamosi, PC World US

The geotagging data contained in many mobile phone images can let strangers know exactly where you are and what you’ve been up to.

Digital cameras and cameraphones mean you can snap those special moments to your hearts content, preview the shot and erase and re-take if necessary.

The technology gets even better thanks to the help of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, which let you share those special moments with your friends, family and followers around the world.

However, its worth stopping and thinking about the fact that when you post the picture on a social network, millions of web users across the globe can discover the exact location you were in when you captured the shot.

EXIF data and Geotagging

Exchangeable Image File format (EXIF) specification adds metadata to common JPG and TIFF image files. Along with a thumbnail image of the photo, EXIF data stores details about aperture, shutter speed, focal length, metering mode, and ISO settings, some of which can help a printer do a better job of colour-matching the final printed image. There’s also room for other information, such as the camera’s make, model, and registration number, and in some cases, location data.

Geotagging is the process of storing latitude and longitude data inside an image’s EXIF data. This information maps the image with a photographer’s specific geographic location, which mapping services such as Google Earth can then chart.

Many newer digital cameras and mobile phone cameras have built-in GPS receivers. The geotagging features in these newer devices are integrated and seamless. With the explosion of smartphones today, Jackson is seeing about three percent of all photos posted on Twitter contain location data, and that figure is growing.

In his New HOPE security conference presentation, Jackson detailed how he found personal details about a man in a photo. Using accompanying geotagging data, Jackson located the man’s house on Google Earth. Then he found a name associated with the house where the photo was taken, leading him to a Facebook account that yielded a birth date, marriage status, and friends. A second username listed on the Facebook page led to a second Twitter account, and so forth. The point here is that once you start pulling on the thread of information contained in a geotagged image, a single photo can reveal a whole trove of personal data.

Some people say they don’t mind sharing their real-time location data with total strangers. But others dislike the idea that strangers can know where they are at any given time. Fortunately, smartphones and cameras let you turn off the photo geotagging feature.

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Attention: Zoom H4n users

20 10 2010

For those that has the Zoom H4n recorder, I’d like to share what I’ve stumbled upon on the use of SD cards for the recorder. Apparently, some people have loss their audio recording or have their audio ruined. It turns out that Zoom has an approved list of SD cards for the recorder.

Feature posts

12 10 2010

I’ll be adding 2 new “feature” posts to my blog. The first one deals with photography and cinematography. Anything and everything related to it, from technical to business side of things, will be posted on every Monday, every week. The articles I will be posting will be from the internet, so you might have seen it, our you might have not. I’d like to share it to everyone who has not read/stumble upon it, and it’ll serve as a reference for myself as well in the future. I have already started a few posts before today’s post.

The second one will deal with general life lessons. The articles I will be posting will be from emails, internets, books or whatever sources I found them from. InsyaAllah I will post the articles here once every Thursday of the week, for as long as I have articles to post. (I’m really thankful to a collegue/friend of mine, who always shares very good emails to me. So instead of forwarding the email to everyone, I plan to post it here to my blog for everyone and anyone to read. Very good life lessons.

Overdue update

8 04 2010

Wow, it’s been over 2 month since my last blog post. Alot of things happened over the past couple of months. Will try to blog some in this coming days.

Here’re somethings I’d go over

My family life
My work
Wedding films
And some other random updates.

Plans for this week

21 10 2009

This might be late for me to plan my week ahead, but this is only Wednesday, so there’s still time to plan for another 4 days ahead. So here’s what I might be doing for the rest of the week.

Wednesday: join Lust SS team for street skating with Thai’s pro skater Jeerasak after work.

Thusday: Spend time with my wife.

Friday: go out filming for the upcoming team video.

Saturday: MY BIRTHDAY:)

Sunday: go to KB for Boards Blades Battle 2(009) competition.

Strobing at home

17 06 2009

Went out earlier with my wife for a hair cut. I did this nice (at least for me) hair art done by Andy Law of Kathy Chai saloon.

After dinner, went for a short strobing session with the wife some where in Rimba, and continued the strobing session at home. Seen below is one of the picture taken at our house.


Canon 500D + 18-200mm at 70mm (+ further cropping in pp), f/8, 1/30, ISO 200,

Strobist info: 1 SB600 at 1/4, 35mm, shoot through umbrella on lightstand, camera right, at roughly 45 degrees pointing downwards