Dedicated to the world of my lomography!

Click here to see all my pictures taken by my Lomo cameras.


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28 11 2008

did you order your diana?

15 07 2009


Where do you get your 120-film from and how much do you pay for them? Also, where in Brunei can we get the pictures developed? I haven’t been back in BSB for ages, but I’ll be there for a couple of months and would like some photography time.

Share your secrets! 🙂

20 07 2009

i got my 120-film when i ordered my cameras from http://www.adorama.com.

i also got a few expired 120-films from a shop in batu satu, can’t recall the name now though. it’s selling at $5 per film. you can also check out http://www.lomobru.blogspot.com (a brunei lomography site) – and u can ask around there if more more info

28 07 2009

dude. i is need help. anu bah. apani.. cana kan makai diana ah. ko tau aku antar film ku k kadai kali kn nya c han (rose photo) nya “apa itu u punya film kosong”


29 07 2009

check ur mail

2 12 2011

can anybody aid me too? obviously im very new :/

18 02 2010

Those are nice; I bought a Holga last year but have had very little opportunity to use it because very few places process 120mm film and the processing is extremely expensive.

24 08 2010

Hi guys. I bought my Snow Cat diana f+ earlier this year, but im thinking of selling it cause i wanted to get myself a diana mini f+ instead. so if you guys are interested please do email me on emick1001@hotmail.com. who knows if someone’s looking for one. thanks for reading 😉

2 12 2011

how much?

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