Behind The Scenes: “Salam Aidilfitri”

28 09 2009

Here’re a few pictures from the photoshoot for the Hari Raya greeting card that we (Zati and I) made for this year.

I came about with the idea a few weeks before Hari Raya. I was inspired to take the picture when I remembered seeing Bala’s picture a couple of years ago doing a fishbrain on a ledge wearing his traditional Indian clothing during deepavali. (I can’t find the link to the picture now, else, I would have posted that picture here. Bala, Keats, or someone who has the picture, could you guys send it to me or gime the link so I can post it here. thanks).

I talked to Zati about the idea and we agreed to it. In order to keep it as a surprise, we limited the number of people who would help out during the photoshoot and to find a suitable, quite place that we can do the shoot. I asked help from my cousin, Saiful, and a fellow rollerblader, Asnalicious. Both of them were really helpful during the shoot.

When we arrived at Muara beach, we had a few test shoots and tried to find a decent angle. Since it was almost 11am, it was really hot and the lightings were difficult to set up. We end up using only available light as we did not have enough strobe power.

MuaraRayaShoot (1 of 11)

Asnalicious was the man behind the camera. He’s been asking me questions about DSLRs as he’s wanting to get one for himself. He was eager to help out during the shoot and he can play around with my camera.

MuaraRayaShoot (2 of 11)MuaraRayaShoot (3 of 11)
MuaraRayaShoot (5 of 11)MuaraRayaShoot (6 of 11)

I asked Saiful to help me take videos during the whole photoshoot. I will be posting a short video within this week for the short behind the scenes videos. UPDATE: The video has been uploaded. Click here to see the video.

MuaraRayaShoot (7 of 11)MuaraRayaShoot (4 of 11)

There were also a funny moment when we had to help Zati get on top of the ramp. It wasn’t really a good idea to get her up there since she’s pregnant! But Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened and we got the picture we needed.

MuaraRayaShoot (9 of 11)

These last few pictures were other alternatives that we had prior to settling with the chosen picture.

MuaraRayaShoot (10 of 11)

MuaraRayaShoot (8 of 11)

After we got the shot, we moved onto the small hut nearby for some post-wedding picture. I haven’t processed all the pictures yet, but here’s one as a teaser.

MuaraRayaShoot (11 of 11)

^Strobist info: 1 bare nikon sb600 on full power camera right slightly above our head level. Camera info: Canon 500D, 18-200mm @ 100mm, f/5.6, 1/250.

I would like to thank Zati, Saiful and Asnalicious to make this photoshoot happen. InsyaAllah we can come up with something similar or even better for next year. Once again, thank you very much.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri (1430H)

20 09 2009

To all my family, friends, brothers, sisters, readers, rollerbladers, skateboarders, visitors, in Brunei or overseas, I’d like to say Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I apologize for all things said or done, intentionally or not. Please remember your loved ones, and be safe on the road. Do buckle up. Enjoy. -Eyan and Zati

SHR from Surkrew


26 06 2009

Could these pictures be an ad for Adidas shoes? What do you guys think?

strobist - eyan adidas ad

strobist - zati adidas ad

Nikah Ceremony

15 06 2009

Here’re the unofficial pictures of our nikah ceremony taken by my brother.

Leaving the house going to Zati’s place.
nikah 9

Arriving at her place. Started everything off with the doa.
nikah 1

The moment of truth. Her grandfather was the one yang menikahkan kami. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly, except when panic attacked and I forgot the rukun of nikah when asked by her grandfather. That was kinda embarassing.
nikah 2

This was me reading the Ta’liq. I kinda screwed up towards the end by saying “talak” instead of “ta’liq”. I think it was the nerves again. And seen here also was the signing by the 2 witnesses, myself and the jurunikah.
nikah 3

nikah 4

nikah 5

nikah 6

With the family.
nikah 7

With the in-laws and their families.
nikah 8

Next up would be Zati’s malam berbadak and followed by our bersanding ceremony.