Black and White Photography

7 05 2009

I’ve developed some interest in b&w photography. I haven’t done any b&w works before, so I did a few tries and here’s the result. What do you guys think?


Anak buah

16 12 2008

Some picture of my little 2 year old and 1 year old nephew and niece.

daniel at kfc


nur alisha damira


Happy 31st Anniversary

14 12 2008

It’s been 31 months? I soo can’t wait for that moment. *Amin*

Happy anniversary baby, and this time, jangan salah kira ah.. hahahaha hugs hugs

me n zaty 2

me n zaty
^I soo like this picture.


DH zaty 1

Paraglider sunset

7 11 2008

Another old picture reedited and submitted for an online photo competition, together with my previous post.



6 11 2008

An old picture re-edited and submitted for an online photography competition.