Canon 5D MkII Short Film

21 02 2009

I got to try my brother’s new 5D MkII a couple of nights ago. I was just messing around, getting test shots with my gf, without having anything set in mind. It was just a random shoot, without having any additional lights or set up done. You can even see soo many distracting things on the table and around, like I said, no prior set ups were done.

I did the post in FCP, but it was just simple cuts and re-arranging the clips. No color correction was done. Clip you see is actually straight from the camera, with WB adjusted to about 3200-3400 to make the scene cooler.

Canon 5D MkII with 16-35mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8.

Tell me what you guys think. Thanks.


Strobist: My 10R

5 01 2009

This was taken sometime last month. I was kinda bored and inspired by looking at this photoblog that I decided to do this

Pictures taken using a Canon 5D, 16-35mm, Cactus V2s transmitter+receivers, 1 580 ex mk2, 1 sb600 and a 1000w floodlight.

10r shoot 2

10r shoot 5 dh10r shoot 4 dh

10r shoot 3 dh

Pictures taken using Lomography Fisheye2 with Cactus V2s transmitter+receivers with 1 580 ex mk2 and 1 sb600.



This photoshoot was also featured at our local blog Brunei Carzine. Click here for direct link.

helipad at kb

5 11 2008

I duno why but I really like this picture. It’s a helipad next to a beach somewhere in KB. I find it calming 😀

I took this picture when we were on our way to kubur on the first day of hari raya last month. Used my bro’s 5D and cropped.