From bikes to cars

26 07 2013


This is how it all started. I had owned a 2006 Kawasaki ZX-10R since May 2006. On the night of 20 June 2012, off it went to a new buyer.


I had good memories with this bike, but it’s time to move on… to this.

Actual picture of the car that was sent to me from my friend.

Yup, on the same night at around 10+, I drove her home from Bandar to KB. And this, is the first pic that I took of her.


I had test driven the car the week before, and was quite happy with the condition of the car. CA18DET, S15 turbo, 5 lug conversion, coilovers, front mount intercooler and sports rim. Quite a good package at the right price.

The next day after work, I had to go get new tyres as the current ones have worn out.


I also asked the guys at the shop to drop the car lower.


A quick snap to see how it looks like compared to the original height.


I wasn’t totally happy with the height but since it was after 6+ pm already, decided to just take it home.


Rocked this height and looks for a few more weeks while deciding where to get the bodykit.




I’ve been looking and asking around for the BN sports bodykit that I wanted but it was more than I could afford. So the next alternatives was the Uras kit. More on that next time.


Brunei Bike Week 2012

22 04 2012

Here’s a short video from the recent Brunei Bike Week 2012, held early March 2012 at JP. Shot on my lomokino camera. First try, first roll. From the lomokino Enjoy.

Brunei bike week 2011 – Day 2

12 03 2011

Day 2 of the Brunei bike week 2011 today 12 March 2011. Went to JP earlier this afternoon and took some quick snaps.

Brunei bike week 2011

11 03 2011

11 March 2001 marks the start of the first Brunei Bike week 2011, held at the Amphitheatre, Jerudong Park. I went there earlier tonight and here are a few pictures from the event.

This might be the first Bruneian car with a hydrolic absorber system

Brunei Yamaha Cub Prix 2008 Round 2

16 07 2008

This was held on the 6th July 2008. The second round of the annual Brunei Yamaha Cub Prix 2008 organised by BM Supply Sdn Bhd. The first round was held in April 2008 in Tutong. This time, it was held at Jerudong Park Go-Kart track. Click on pictures to enlarge.


Winners for the 135cc:
1st: Hasdy
2nd: Zaim
3rd: Kefli

My flickr set: here.

All pictures taken by my gf, Kinks.