Fisheye2: Friends

18 12 2008

Pictures of friends taken during the DST Carnival using Lomography Fishey2.

^sorry Wi, caugth you at the wrong time hehe


^Zati and Ilah



Anak buah

16 12 2008

Some picture of my little 2 year old and 1 year old nephew and niece.

daniel at kfc


nur alisha damira


Fashion shoot

3 12 2008

Trying out “fashion” style of photoshoot. Picture of me were taken on our way to Miri and picture of Zati taken in our room (the picture of Zati was overexposed coz I didn’t develop the film straightaway so there were light leaks causing it to be like that).




Lomography Fisheye2

24 09 2008

Lomography Fisheye2. I like! Like the camera, like the photos, like the built… 170 degrees of view? I like! 😀

Here’s my first roll using Kodak 200.





And now, the double exposure:





More pictures available at my Flickr.

Don’t think. Just shoot.

Arrival of my lomos

12 09 2008

Pictures from my Lomo Action Sampler Flash

3 09 2008

As per my previous post, here are the selected pictures from my first 2 rolls of film using the Action Sampler Flash. All pictures taken directly from the film (no further editing was done).

Click here for the flickr set.

“Don’t think, just shoot”

Lomo Action Sampler Flash

3 09 2008

I was away to KL from Monday (25/8/08) to Saturday (30/8/08). I was attending a 4 day training on “Skills for the new auditors-in-charge”. The course was great. I met and made new friends. The hotel food was great. The company was great too!! Overall, it was a good trip. But that’s not what I’m gona talk about (I’ll make another post for my KL trip). Ima talk about the new camera that I bought…

I just got myself a new Action Sampler Flash camera by Lomography. I bought this camera in Basheer Bookshop, BB Plaza, KL.

“Hit the button, hear the clack-clack-clack-clack, and wham! – you’ve got your very own macro-cine shot. One second has been neatly divided into four parts and lined up in impeccable order to give you one shaky piece of sampled action. Each individual unit fires perfectly in sync with each opening shutter.”

I’m already on my third roll of film (I’ve developed the first film and I’m getting the second roll later this afternoon). I’m especially excited to see this second roll, as I tried a DIY colored filter for the flash. We’ll see how it turns out.

I will post the pictures later tonight. For now, here’s a sample of pictures taken by this camera:

^Picture sourced from Google Image Search

If you find these pictures interesting, I strongly suggest you to google more about lomography, or click here to read more about it. Also, Brunei also has our own Lomography Society, Lomo Bru.

This is my first Lomo camera. It’s definitely not the last. I’m waiting for 3 other cameras, which should be arriving sometimes this week or next week. The earlier the better. I’ll keep you guys posted.

“don’t think, just shoot”