Short Trailer

20 04 2009

A short trailer for the upcoming video edit I’m currently working on. Featuring Brunei’s local rollerbladers and Thai’s & The Conference International rider: Woorapaj “Note” Boonim while he was here in Brunei.


Candle light during blackout

8 04 2009

My new love

9 12 2008

Picture of my DVX100a. Sorry it’s abit blur. Set the wrong focus while taking the picture.





P/s: I didn’t shot video while driving, it was just “acting”

BBB 2008 trailer

28 11 2008


20 11 2008

Yes, I am officially (digital) camera-less!!! 😦 [I say digital camera-less because I still have my lomocameras! 😀 ] I no longer have my Canon 400D :S I had to let go of my dslr to a new owner… read on for full story.

I have been in contact with Adam Groves of Visual Dimensions Production since early this year – I was negotiating for him to sell me his Panasonic DVX100a. Things didn’t get through until a couple of nights ago.

I contacted him and offered him a trade – I give him my 400D with my lenses + some cash for his DVX100a. After some negotiation, it went through! So I went over to his place to do the trade. BOOYYYY am I happy!! I’ve finally get hold of the dream camcorder that I’ve been wanting for sooo long. I even recommended Bahrom to get this camcorder when he mentioned he wanted to buy a camcorder! But at last, he got himself a Sony VX2100 instead (see picture below).

I only got to try my camcorder last night with the boys at Yayasan. It was pretty good but I still need to learn more. I specifically work with Koo on the 25p shooting mode which is supposedly to produce “film-like” videos, but I still need to work on the settings and post to achieve the looks. Click here for the edit from last night (I cant seem to embed Vimeo videos here. I won’t embed the youtube version, it’s just not worth it).

What do you guys think? It looks so so lah to me, doesn’t really show “WOW” and doesnt really show that it comes from the DVX. Man… I need to go out more and try this camera more! Also, I sooo need to upgrade my compture!!! That means more money going out:(

So does this mean I won’t be taking pictures anymore? NOT EXACTLY! I will still be taking pictures! I have a few works offered to me (commercially) but I will need to borrow/rent cameras from my brother. And at the same time, I will be saving up for a new DSLR body!

I’m eyeing on 3 cameras right now: Canon 50D, Canon 5D and Canon 5D MkII and I’m hoping to get a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, 50mm f/1.8 and a fisheye lens. Oh ya, I also need a couple more flashes and backdrop + stand. I think that’s pretty much it. So yea, it’ll take sometime to save up for these things. *taking my calculator out* OMG! All these things are roughly about $14k!!! Ok, I gota change my wordings.. it will take a LOOONNNNNGGGGGG time to get the whole thing. I need to prioritise what I need to buy first. *sigh* *headache*

Annnyyyywwwaaaaaaaayyyysssssssssssssssssssssssss… I am SAD that I had to let go of my 400D. That was my first dslr and it has given me alot of experience, learning new things and getting pretty decent pictures. Almost all of my pictures in my flickr are taken using this picture while some are taken using my bro’s camera. But at the same time, I am HAPPY that I finally got my dream camcorder! Annnnnd also, I feel GUILTY- here I am being happy with my camcorder, but kesian Zati… she wants that E71 so bad and the application at the office is soo lame! Sabar dulu ok Zati? InsyaAllah, it’ll get through ok? *hugs*

I will be bringing my camcorder to the skate competition this Sunday. As I will be competing on the day, Zati will be the one who’ll take the videos. I gota teach her what I can learn as fast as I can before this coming Sunday – that’s just 3 more days! I soooo can’t wait to skate with everyone again! woohooooo