28 05 2008

First it was a the guitar hero for me, NOW, its ROCKBAND! I bought the RockBand Special Edition Set which consists of a drum set, a guitar, a mic and a ps3 dvd rockband game. Well, I don’t have a ps3 (yet!), I only have ps2 BUT it is still compatible as long as you have the rockband for ps2. Bought it earlier today during lunchtime.

This is not good for me… I mean, I’m enjoying the game definitely but this will lead to more sleepless nights hahahhaha oh well, what to do… addiction is hard to control hehehe

I’m soo looking forward for this long weekend this weekend! I can play both guitar hero and rockband all day and night!! and then, there’ll be a skate competition this SUNDAY! This should be 1 fun weekend!! hehe

I guess that’s it for now!

^Rockband Special edition set

^Me with my drum set and 3 guitars!


Guitar Hero

22 05 2008

Addiction to guitar hero is not good, at least for me! I’ve been sleeping late every night… But I just gota share this… hehehe

98% and 585 streaks! It’s on Medium though hehehe

What’s been happening lately

17 05 2008

For the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve been really busy and have not had enough rest. Reason?

For one thing, I was put in charge to organise a bowling tournament for our agency. This year marks the 25th Anniversary celebration for our agency, celebrating it first with a Family Funday, bowling tournament, darts, futsal, walkathon, doa selamat and reception, and finishing it off with a galanight (to be held in July).

The bowling tournament was held last night (16th May 2008). I’m sooo glad that it’s all over know! And I can say, the event went smoothly (besides the few glitches here and there…) but Alhamdulillah it’s done now! I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank you to all my committees! We did it (but unfortunately, our team lost)… hmmm maybe I should consider starting an event management company or something like that…. something for the future hehehe insyaAllah

There is also another reason why I haven’t had enough rest….. GUITAR HERO!! Man… ever since I got that PS2 and guitar hero, I’ve been playing it every night! I’m still on “medium” level, haven’t reach hard/expert. Last time, I played til 5am!! I’ve been sleeping late every night coz of the game… this is not sehat for me….

This was taken the night I bought it hehehe

This was taken at the Empire hotel during the galanight… sanggup wah bawa PS k hotel time check in… maklumlah.. baru2 hehehe

Other than that… I’ve got the final production batch for the new SURKREW tshirts… I’ve also managed to get 2 local shops as my first official distributors! Wondering which shop? Just keep checking my other site for updates.

Price is B$20