KL and KK trip

19 12 2008

I started my holiday last Monday 15th December and I will be preparing for 2 back-to-back trip; KL and KK.

I will be going to Kuala Lumpur later today to join the “PUTRAJAYA EXTREME GAMES CHALLENGE 2008 – KING OF HANDRAIL competition along with the other 2 RPS team riders: Bahrom and Koo Jinchen. Zati and Nikki would go along with us (as our manager hahaha).

We will be going to KL from Labuan tomorrow. We will be provided free accommodations at Mount Kiara, I think, and will be competing on Saturday and Sunday. Zati and I will be going back to Brunei via Labuan on the 24th Decemeber.

After that, we will be going to Temburong on the 25th December along with my families. It’ll be a 4 car convoy with 18 people altogether. We will be staying overnight at Temburong and off to KK on the 26th December. We will be staying at an apartment with 3 bedrooms somewhere in Api-api I think. We’ll be coming back to Brunei on the 29th December.

Will be spending the new year with Zati, but haven’t really planned where to go yet. We won’t be going out of the country for sure, but we might have a bbq or something… we’ll see.

I also need to take picture for Awi of The NNLR with his bike. He found my pictures to be interesting, so he wants a picture of him and his bike as well.

I guess that’s pretty much it. I won’t be updating this site and my other sites til I get back from my trip or til next year. So enjoy yourself, be safe, don’t do anything illegal, enjoy your holidays and a happy new year.


Here in KL

19 06 2008

Hey people, I’m in KL right now, and I’m both chatting with Zaty on MSN and talking to her on Skype! It’s our first time using skype, so abit sakai lah.. hehehe

I’ve got nothing much to blog about. I’ve bought a new spot light set that gona be used main for skating.. and maybe doing some video shooting… other than that, I haven’t bought anything else… I’m eyeing on a few stuff but we’ll see tomorrow.

I¬†went skating last night at Shah Alam skatepark. I meet up with Sukeats, Hooi, Eugene and Tim. It was ok lah, but I fell down and have this cut on my shin! SAAKKIIIITTTTTTTT. OTW balik to the hotel, me and sukeats were talking mostly about skating lah.. which was good… hehe

What else, the course that im attending is ok lah… the visual presentation was poor, because it was too plain. the speaker pun, so so lah… the content is interesting, its just the presentation is abit lacking…

Hmm… oh yea, i’ve got this new idea to start in Brunei..better not say it here.. InsyaAllah it’ll be a success. amin