Brunei Bike Week 2012

22 04 2012

Here’s a short video from the recent Brunei Bike Week 2012, held early March 2012 at JP. Shot on my lomokino camera. First try, first roll. From the lomokino Enjoy.


LomoBru Lomo Matrix Event

15 08 2009


The event will be happening this Sunday, 16 Aug 2009 at 9.30am. This will be held around Jerudong (contact Bob on the number above for the exact venue).

If you’re not sure what LomoMatrix is all about, you can google it or youtube it. I’m sure it’ll be a fun thing to do. Bring your family, friends and anyone to the event. But don’t forget, bring your FILM camera. If you don’t have a Lomo camera, it doesn’t matter. Get yourself a disposable camera and go there!

Anak buah

16 12 2008

Some picture of my little 2 year old and 1 year old nephew and niece.

daniel at kfc


nur alisha damira


Happy 31st Anniversary

14 12 2008

It’s been 31 months? I soo can’t wait for that moment. *Amin*

Happy anniversary baby, and this time, jangan salah kira ah.. hahahaha hugs hugs

me n zaty 2

me n zaty
^I soo like this picture.


DH zaty 1

My new love

9 12 2008

Picture of my DVX100a. Sorry it’s abit blur. Set the wrong focus while taking the picture.





P/s: I didn’t shot video while driving, it was just “acting”

Blue Yellow

7 12 2008

Taken way back in October. Just developed the film a couple of days ago.


Fireworks at DST Carnival

5 12 2008

Pictures taken during the recent DST Carnival. I just developed it a couple of days ago.