Strobist: Sunset Potraiture

27 05 2009

zati 1

zati 2


Paraglider sunset

7 11 2008

Another old picture reedited and submitted for an online photo competition, together with my previous post.



6 11 2008

An old picture re-edited and submitted for an online photography competition.


iPhone picture: Sunset at office

3 11 2008

I took this picture last week or two from the parking lot of where I work.

My love

21 10 2008

This picture was taken a couple of months ago when we went out jalan2 on a lazy Sunday. No plan what-so-ever.

zaty potrait 2

zaty portait 1

And this picture of me was taken by non other than Zaty. She loved this picture, so I thought I’d just post it up for her 😀

eyan on phone